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Successful Reconnects on our 1st visit currently runs at 70%



Data is at the heart of what we do. Whether this is based on preferred outcomes or the number of green doors we have visited in Aberdeen, we are always able to provide clear and concise data for all our clients.

We believe our data drives Client optimisation and strategy, which ultimately places the customer at the heart of our Clients business, ensuring the fair treatment of customers.


Our MI capabilities allow us to deliver key information, first time. Some examples of our standard reporting:

Report Type Content / Outcome
Grid Search Identify proprietor name to residential address or appending Data.
De-duplication De-duplicating of client data via our vast database
Performance Preferred outcomes / reconnect / % of visits completed –v-
Agent Performance KPI dashboards through to No of visits or GPS, including submissions by client, by type, by region, or postcode area
Segmentation Outcomes Preferred / reconnect rates / RPC / No of outcomes by 1st and or 2nd visit. % of outcomes by time or by date or region
Decision Trees Route Planning Outcome data to drive the right outcome and strategy