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Successful Reconnects on our 1st visit currently runs at 70%



Currently working with over 14 utility companies across the UK and Ireland,Engage has a detailed knowledge of the industry, both past, present and future.  Engage visit customers in both the Live and Final arenas of the industry, providing a wide range of services to our clients.

Complimentary to this, our document handling arm of the business works with hardship / vulnerability departments to attend appointments to help complete and capture key information to assist the customer in the application stage of any scheme / trust fund sign up.

Engage are in every process, at every stage - driving innovation through technology driven field solutions.

Financial Services

The Financial Services sector, continues to face high levels of scrutiny regarding many key areas of their systems, processes and procedures, including 3rd party relationships. The performance of these 3rd parties plays a crucial role in the heart of treating Customers fairly, including good governance, and evidencing all customer engagement and activity.  

Engage has been built around innovation; our agents use the latest in technology to gather and collate key data to drive our evidence based approach. 


Amazingly many commercial debt collection processes do not include a field visit.  Engage work with a variety of businesses covering various different strategies.  This could be visiting a director at their home address or visiting a billing / supply address to establish contact and gain a resolution.

Our strategies deliver significant uplift in your collections performance as well as providing you with sufficient information to help guide you on any next step activity should we be unsuccessful on our visit.

Public Sector

Public sector organisations face high levels of scrutiny regarding many key areas of their outsourced functions. The performance of these agencies plays a crucial role in the heart of the communities in which they work.  Compliance, best practice and treating customers fairly has to be a driver key in choosing the right partner. 


Legal Sector

Legal cases are often held up due to clients not returning important information or responding to potential legal proceedings.

Our professional field agents are the perfect solution for the legal sector to engage with their customers and clients alike. 

If you require us to collect important documentation on your behalf, our fully trained contact centre staff will confirm a suitable time and date for our field agent to call and collect.

Each document will be quality checked and verified prior to returning. All completed documentation will be scanned and uploaded to our online portal for ease of access. 

Reconnecting the legal sector

Our reconnect service provides the legal sector with a real solution to engage with those difficult to contact customers. Upon successfully connecting with your customer, our hand-held technology enables us to voice record all site visits and transfer a live call to complete a successful resolution. 

Insolvency Sector

With the majority of Insolvency practitioners employing the services of an external debt collection agency to letter and dial customers,  Engage delivers further benefits by visiting customers and adding further value to the debt collection process.

Engage have the ability to seamlessly integrate our field reconnect model with your external agency or direct with your business, enabling you to engage with those difficult to contact customers early in the process.

Our field agents will engage with your customer and transfer the call (reconnect) back to a designated point of contact of your choice, which could be one of your case administrators, or directly back to your external DCA.

In addition to adding significant uplift to your collections Engage will gather and collate key information from the visit, including photographs helping you build a more informed profile of your customer which may be of benefit in the future.


The claims sector has grown in the UK over the last 20 years as the consumer has become more financially aware. Whether it is through the financial pages or the plethora of consumer advice programs, people know their rights. 

At Engage, our document handling team provide the ideal complimentary service to the claims management sector. The experience of operating within this sector since its inception has helped us to perfect our processes to ensure the highest levels of customer service.

Our agents are highly skilled and experienced in all claims management requirements. Your clients are uppermost in our thoughts and actions whilst you benefit from the efficiencies driven by prompt and timely return of all documentary requirements and increased new business conversion.

Engage ensure that the chase is a thing of the past.